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I love playing Tag. Love it. So when I got Blog-tagged by Matt Watson over at Wanton Creation, was I going to let a silly thing like big scary exams get in the way? HA.

Erm. They did cause a minor speed bump, though. During which time I found myself tagged by Heather and The Literary Tiger!

What is Blog Tag, you ask? Tsk tsk.

The Rules

1. I must post the rules.
2. I must answer the questions the tagger listed for me (since I got tagged more than once, this isn’t going to be a nice pointy eleven).
3. I must create (or reuse) 11 questions for those I tag.
4. I must tag 11 people.
5. I must let them know they’ve been tagged.

The Questions

1. What is your favourite recipe (as in, what food does it make – you don’t have to provide the ingredients and method (unless you really want to))?

Blueberry muffins. I can never have too many or have them too often. I could live on these things and still love them.

2. What is your favourite thing to spend money on?

Books. And..things that smell nice. I’m not talking scented candles and the like, just everyday things that smell nice. If I happen to be at a craft store, and they’ve got little keychains carved out of wood, I’ll pick them up. I love the smell of wood. Same with pizza. I love the smell of pizza more than I actually like eating it. If I pass by a cafe, and I can smell freshly brewed coffee, or bread! I love bread! ..I’ll walk straight in.

Oh, and. Crayons.

3. What time of day do you read/write the most?

The reading? Really, really, really late at night. And lazy afternoons. The writing bit depends on what I’m writing about, and the weather. And the presence or lack of my comfy, warm quilt.

4. Do you prefer summer or winter, and why?

Comfy warm quilt! Winter. 🙂

5. What is your favourite holiday destination?

Erm. I don’t really have one. I prefer spending holidays at home, doing things I didn’t have time for throughout the year.

6. What is the best book/film/album you’ve read/watched/heard this year so far?

Book? Easily Neil Gaiman’s Sandman. Album would have to be Colour Haze’s Tempel. And film? I expected Dark Knight Rises to be the film of the year for me, but I was very, very disappointed. I still have my Fifty-Fifty challenge to complete, though, so I hope my answers will change. For now, a tie between The Avengers (I couldn’t help it, it had me grinning from start to finish), The Beaver and Invictus. Wow, that’s a strange list.

7. If you could be anybody for just a day, who would it be and why?

Mozart. I need to know how that mind worked, damn it.

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A Tub Full Of Gratitude

Bring out the jugglers and champagne bottles, it’s award time! Time for me to tell you (yes, you) how much it means to me that you’re reading this. When I started this blog a few months ago, I was pretty sure I was going to have to take it down after a month or so. I started it to record my progress in the Fifty Fifty challenge and now, I’m doing so much more. All because of the little orange light on my blogging tool bar. It started with one. A few days later, there were two. A few days after that, there were replies to comments I had posted on other blogs! Conversations! I was having serious conversations with wonderful people about books, and music, and movies! And they were throwing recommendations at me, really good ones at that! I love recommendations!

So this post is dedicated to you. For reading what I write. And for writing what I read. I check my mail about five times every day, waiting for a new post to pop up. Some of you make me think, some of you crack me up, and every single one of you contribute to the continuously growing pile of books I want to read, and movies I want to watch. And for me, that’s the best thing you could possibly do.

And now, to show you how much I love your blog and the conversations we have, I’m going to give you an award (because, let’s face it, everybody loves these). But first, I have to thank Kovid Rathee, for nominating me for the Versatile Blogger Award!

Like most other blog awards, there are certain things you have to do – link back to the person who nominated you, include the picture (it’s green!), tell your readers seven random things about you, and nominate other bloggers that you think deserve the award. And let them know about it.

Seven things about me? Um..

  • I’ve always, always wanted to go up an escalator that was going down. I saw it on a cartoon once, and I’ve been itching to try, but there’s always some mall authority watching. Phooey.
  • I’ve never read any of the Godfather books. Or watched any of the movies. I know, I know. But maybe if you yell at me for it, I’ll finally read+watch them. (Please? Somebody?)
  • I only read newspapers for the comics.
  • The scariest moment of my entire life? I woke up to my five month old puppy whining one morning, and when I looked at him, his face was the size of a small pumpkin. He had been stung by a bee, his eyes were red, and he was crying.
  •  I’m studying Science right now, but what I really want to be doing is English. I’m a little scared to, though. Okay, more than a little.
  • I collect bills. When I go out with friends or with my parents, and it’s been a nice day, I take the bill/ticket/pass and write the date behind it and a few things to remember the day by. When I get home, it goes into the memory box. Oh, I also collect key-chains. I’m trying to get one from every state in the country. And then move on to other countries.
  • I’m dying to get my hands on the new Storm Corrosion album. Simply dying.

Now for the fun part. Nominations!

  • Enchanted By Books – In addition to putting up book reviews, Danielle takes part in a whole host of memes. I don’t know how she does it, but I love how she writes. And every time she writes a Top Ten Tuesday post, my to-read list increases by seven. At least. She’s already been nominated, but I don’t care. Her blog is awesome.
  • Wanton Creation – Matt Watson’s got more awards than he can handle, I think, but he deserves another one. If there’s one blogger I know who is versatile, it’s this guy.
  • Journeys In Classical Film – The list of things she has planned for the summer leaves me speechless. Just looking at it makes me tired. But you should definitely check her blog out and participate! Also, no matter how much she’s got on her plate, she always manages to put up a post everyday. Every single day.
  • The Tiger’s Eye –  Another blogger I’d attribute the versatile tag to. Goes without saying, I love her blog. Especially since she splatters it with generous helpings of unicorns and dragons.
  • The Url Thingie – Even her url cracks me up. Ever since I discovered her blog, I’ve been hitting the “random post” button on my toolbar and laughing my head off. She writes about anything she can think of, and I love reading it. I try not to comment on every post (so that I don’t freak her out and appear like I’m stalking her – which I am), but you really should visit her blog. Hilarious.
  • On Windy Days – Another blogger who posts about..everything, really. And cracks me up, more often than not. When he doesn’t, he makes me think. Healthy balance, that.

So there you have it. Those are my choices, I’d love to see yours! Let the blog stalking discovering begin!

P.S. I’ve put a little widget in my side-bar dedicated to shout outs. I find that a lot of bloggers are doing a lot of amazing things and I’m always a little late to sign up/participate. So, I thought I’d fix that for those of you who read my blog from time to time. If you see anything on there that you might be interested in, I’ve linked them to the concerned blog, making it easy for you to check out. Also, if you’re hosting a blog event and want a shout out, let me know and I’ll put it up!

Avast Ye Devil’s Snare! I Got Me Some Sunshine.

Yeah. That’s right. You dont stand a chance now. *flexes muscles*

I apologise for the lateness of this post. You see, I had to learn how to play the flute and put a three-headed dog to sleep. Not easy, that. Who knew Twinkle, Twinkle didn’t work on three-headed dogs unless you play the complicated Mozart version. Which, of course, I cannot. Plan B. Mission Scratch Ears.

Needless to say, scratching three pairs of ears take a long, looong time.

And so, I find myself in a dark, smelly little room. With Devil’s Snare for company. Tsk. I ask you. Wasn’t a three-headed dog enough?

But, what’s this? They’re recoiling away from me! I check my pocket and… A-HA! A Sunshine Blog Award! Thank you, Matt Watson at Wanton Creation! You may well have saved my life! (At least until I get to that blasted chess board)

But for this award to work, I’ve got to answer ten questions, include picture and link back to the person who nominated me (done!) and to nominate other bloggers that that put a smile on my face, and let them know about it. Right-o! Let’s start.

Favourite colour : Black. Because it’s soothing. Green. Because I’m a green munchkin with blue antennae. (Honest.)

Favourite animal: Dogs. Except for the three-headed ones. [My dog, to be precise. He’s an adorable little fluffball, and I love him to bits.]

Favourite number: 5, 9. Why, you ask? Beats me.

Favourite non-alcoholic drink:  Coffee! *points at mug sitting in front of her*

Prefer Facebook or Twitter? Neither, really. I find Facebook a little too annoying. Twitter’s confusing.

My passion: Reading. Discovering new music. Nothing compares to the high of discovering a new band/artist that stays with you for the rest of your life.

Prefer getting or giving presents: Giving. Although I love presents, I get a kick out of giving them. Even if my presents are a little.. quirky. My friends have stopped expecting normal ones. 😛

Favourite pattern: Erm. Warli prints?

That's a Warli. Pretty, huh?

Favourite day of the week: Tuesday! As a kid, our first hour in school on Tuesdays would be spent in the library. I guess that stayed with me.

Favourite flower: I have no idea. Oh, wait! That blue one in Batman Begins. I want.

And, now. For the blogs that make me smile!

Wanton Creation – Visit his About page. You’ll know why.

Love The Bad Guy -So quirky. 🙂 Plus, she loves Voldemort!

Journeys In Classical Film – I love her film reviews. And the ones about the films she doesn’t like never fail to crack me up.

Hodge-Podge Jelly Brain – She hasn’t posted in a while, but whenever she does, I laugh like a maniac and scare my puppy.

The Url Thingie – Just discovered. Saw Harry Potter re-reading post. Loved. I want to read them all again.

I’d love to stay and chat, but I’ve got a Stone to save. Has everyone gotten their dose of sunshine? Yep? Brilliant. Handy, they are.