You Know You Really Need To Start Blogging Again When…

1. Firefox asks you to sign in to WordPress because you’ve been away for too long.

2. You have a pile of books screaming at you from your shelves because they’ve been read, but not praised. And they hate sitting next to all those smug little Neil Gaiman books that have received a little too much love for their liking.

3. Your comments on other blogs resemble a mini-epic because you have so many things to say.

4. You think you’ve replied to every comment, but when your pitiful attempts at keeping up with Math classes gives you a little breathing time, and you log in, you realise that you’ve left several conversations hanging in mid-air because you didn’t receive an e-mail about it.

5. You have too many ideas floating around that when you actually do get some time to write, you don’t know where to start, and end up just staring at a blank post for an hour or two.

6. You keep drafting out posts on your phone (and leaving them unfinished) while travelling to college and back, but never publish any of them because uploading pictures is a pain. And so you resort to making pointless lists, such as this one.

7. You violently crave the next set of holidays.

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15 responses to “You Know You Really Need To Start Blogging Again When…”

  1. The Other Watson says :

    Hahaha, some of these definitely ring a bell. πŸ˜›

  2. Danielle says :

    Very true! Especially the phone posts!

  3. Literary Tiger says :

    AWw, poor little books that have not yet been praised. Get to it, Tanya! πŸ™‚

  4. pmjwillis says :

    LOL!! This is exactly me at the moment. Just back from an exam and annual leave and I don’t know where to start. Just bite the bullet and plough straight in I suppose!

  5. geekybooksnob says :

    Oh man, number 2 just killed me. I totally relate to your writing style.

  6. onwindydays says :

    Oh man, everything about this is so true. Except the drafting on the phone part…my phone isn’t that fancy 😦

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