A Tub Full Of Gratitude

Bring out the jugglers and champagne bottles, it’s award time! Time for me to tell you (yes, you) how much it means to me that you’re reading this. When I started this blog a few months ago, I was pretty sure I was going to have to take it down after a month or so. I started it to record my progress in the Fifty Fifty challenge and now, I’m doing so much more. All because of the little orange light on my blogging tool bar. It started with one. A few days later, there were two. A few days after that, there were replies to comments I had posted on other blogs! Conversations! I was having serious conversations with wonderful people about books, and music, and movies! And they were throwing recommendations at me, really good ones at that! I love recommendations!

So this post is dedicated to you. For reading what I write. And for writing what I read. I check my mail about five times every day, waiting for a new post to pop up. Some of you make me think, some of you crack me up, and every single one of you contribute to the continuously growing pile of books I want to read, and movies I want to watch. And for me, that’s the best thing you could possibly do.

And now, to show you how much I love your blog and the conversations we have, I’m going to give you an award (because, let’s face it, everybody loves these). But first, I have to thank Kovid Rathee, for nominating me for the Versatile Blogger Award!

Like most other blog awards, there are certain things you have to do – link back to the person who nominated you, include the picture (it’s green!), tell your readers seven random things about you, and nominate other bloggers that you think deserve the award. And let them know about it.

Seven things about me? Um..

  • I’ve always, always wanted to go up an escalator that was going down. I saw it on a cartoon once, and I’ve been itching to try, but there’s always some mall authority watching. Phooey.
  • I’ve never read any of the Godfather books. Or watched any of the movies. I know, I know. But maybe if you yell at me for it, I’ll finally read+watch them. (Please? Somebody?)
  • I only read newspapers for the comics.
  • The scariest moment of my entire life? I woke up to my five month old puppy whining one morning, and when I looked at him, his face was the size of a small pumpkin. He had been stung by a bee, his eyes were red, and he was crying.
  •  I’m studying Science right now, but what I really want to be doing is English. I’m a little scared to, though. Okay, more than a little.
  • I collect bills. When I go out with friends or with my parents, and it’s been a nice day, I take the bill/ticket/pass and write the date behind it and a few things to remember the day by. When I get home, it goes into the memory box. Oh, I also collect key-chains. I’m trying to get one from every state in the country. And then move on to other countries.
  • I’m dying to get my hands on the new Storm Corrosion album. Simply dying.

Now for the fun part. Nominations!

  • Enchanted By Books – In addition to putting up book reviews, Danielle takes part in a whole host of memes. I don’t know how she does it, but I love how she writes. And every time she writes a Top Ten Tuesday post, my to-read list increases by seven. At least. She’s already been nominated, but I don’t care. Her blog is awesome.
  • Wanton Creation – Matt Watson’s got more awards than he can handle, I think, but he deserves another one. If there’s one blogger I know who is versatile, it’s this guy.
  • Journeys In Classical Film – The list of things she has planned for the summer leaves me speechless. Just looking at it makes me tired. But you should definitely check her blog out and participate! Also, no matter how much she’s got on her plate, she always manages to put up a post everyday. Every single day.
  • The Tiger’s Eye –  Another blogger I’d attribute the versatile tag to. Goes without saying, I love her blog. Especially since she splatters it with generous helpings of unicorns and dragons.
  • The Url Thingie – Even her url cracks me up. Ever since I discovered her blog, I’ve been hitting the “random post” button on my toolbar and laughing my head off. She writes about anything she can think of, and I love reading it. I try not to comment on every post (so that I don’t freak her out and appear like I’m stalking her – which I am), but you really should visit her blog. Hilarious.
  • On Windy Days – Another blogger who posts about..everything, really. And cracks me up, more often than not. When he doesn’t, he makes me think. Healthy balance, that.

So there you have it. Those are my choices, I’d love to see yours! Let the blog stalking discovering begin!

P.S. I’ve put a little widget in my side-bar dedicated to shout outs. I find that a lot of bloggers are doing a lot of amazing things and I’m always a little late to sign up/participate. So, I thought I’d fix that for those of you who read my blog from time to time. If you see anything on there that you might be interested in, I’ve linked them to the concerned blog, making it easy for you to check out. Also, if you’re hosting a blog event and want a shout out, let me know and I’ll put it up!

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31 responses to “A Tub Full Of Gratitude”

  1. Danielle says :

    Thank you so much for your kind words!! I’ll post 7 random facts about myself later today 🙂

    • Tanya M says :

      You deserve the applause! *applause*
      How you manage to multi-task between all those memes and reading challenges, I don’t know. 🙂

      • Danielle says :

        haha I just make sure the majority of the books I read satisfy the challenges. (and I take advantage of using the “Drafts” feature so I can work on them a little at a time)! Thanks again 🙂

        • Danielle says :

          On your Facts:
          I read the first Godfather, it was very good. The movies are great, too (The only movie whose sequel also won Best Picture!)

          So sad about the puppy, I would have felt so badly! I hope he was okay after!

          7 Random Facts About me:
          1. I know how to knit.
          2. I’m taking a sewing class.
          3. I collect movie stubs, the oldest one I have is from 1997 for the Disney movie Anastasia.
          4. I’ve been to Germany, Italy & France
          5. I like board games
          6. I’ve seen The Social Network too many times (it’s on right now!)
          7. I don’t like mushrooms.


          • Tanya M says :

            Yes, yes. We rushed him to the vet for an antihistamine. And we gave him an ice pack until we got there – it brought the swelling down considerably. We were all so worried though, poor baby.

            I’ve been wanting to learn how to knit for a very long time. Same here, with The Social Network.
            Ach! I love mushrooms! 😛

            • Danielle says :

              one thing I’ve learned about knitting is that it really isn’t as hard as I thought it would be. I’m always afraid I won’t get the instructions (and sometimes I still don’t, and I still get intimidated by them too!) but with patience and practice, it’s really fun 🙂

  2. Literary Tiger says :

    You’re just the bee’s knees, Tanya M! Thank you for your kind words. I can’t wait to stalk er . . . I mean occasionally visit those new blogs you listed. 🙂

    • Tanya M says :

      Haha! I can’t wait to..politely commend the new blogs you nominate! And read little tidbits about you so that I can *cough* know you better! 😛

  3. The Other Watson says :

    Thank you so much, you’re too kind! 😀
    Love your facts too – why are you scared of studying English? You’d be great at it, I am quite certain!
    And, hate to rub it in, but I’m listening to Storm Corrosion for the 7th time in the last 24 hours now. Bwahahahaha. Oh I can’t wait until you get this album, though! 🙂

    • Tanya M says :

      Erm, well, because I’m scared I’d be terrible at it. I want to teach. And I want to write. For kids. But I keep all my writing locked up, so that makes me a pathetic writer already.
      And you’re mean, mister. Still. I’m glad at least one of us is basking in the awesomeness of it. 🙂

      • The Other Watson says :

        Oh don’t be silly, you wouldn’t be terrible at it. You’re great on here, so I’m sure you’d be a great writer in other contexts too. If you want to teach and to write for kids, I say go for it! Keeping your writing locked up doesn’t make you a pathetic writer by any means, it just shows that you’re scared, which most writers are. I barely show any of my writing, and the writing I do show normally is the worst because I take the least pride in it – the stuff I am really proud of I don’t show, perhaps for fear that it would get ripped apart. I know eventually I will have to stop and just show this better stuff but…another day. Anyway, point is, just give it a go – I am sure you will be great at it! 🙂
        Hahah, that is a good way to put it, basking in the awesomeness of the album. Ahhhh. 🙂

        • Tanya M says :

          I’m still not sure, though. I thought I was, until a friend made me realise I hadn’t thought it through completely. So I’m really, really confused now.
          I think it’s a habit now, keeping my writing locked up. That’s how I first started. Mum gave me a journal to fill up when I was seven, and pretty soon I’d filled a whole stack of them. And when you’re a kid, you don’t show your journal to people, right? I guess it just stayed.
          Also, you’re right. I’m petrified of it being torn to shreds.

          • The Other Watson says :

            Mmm, well that’s understandable I guess. I think the tricky is maybe to find one or two people who you know really well, and who you know will give you the right kind of criticism, constructive criticism to help you improve but also encourage you at the same time. Once you build up more confidence from that then you can think of showing it to others, without being in fear of it being attacked.
            I think if you’ve been writing in any form for that much of your life, you’ll be able to write better than you might think. 🙂

            • Tanya M says :

              Oh my god, I completely missed this one. I’m sorry!
              I know, and I do that from time to time, but mostly I’m just unsure about whether I want to hear good things or whether I want them to pick things apart so that I know which bits need a lot of work. And I know it’s unfair to expect them to be able to tell how I want them to react when I don’t know for sure myself. Actually it’s unfair to expect them to react a certain way, they’re entitled to feel however they feel about it – I shouldn’t have a say in the matter.
              AAAH, confusion.
              Thanks, though. 🙂 Blogging has somehow become the Platform Nine and Three – Quarters between the extremes of hiding everything I write and being ready enough to show the world everything I write. 😛

          • lereader says :

            I don’t know about everyone else but I for one think you’re an amazing writer. And I think you’d be a great writer and a wonderful teacher. Not all of us are brave enough to follow this dream, and it’s terrifying, it’s true, but you’re going to have a support system okay? And in the words of sooo many parents, you’ll have your Science degree to “fall back on”.

            • Tanya M says :

              Why, thank you. I think the same of you. 🙂
              The only thing I’m scared of, really, is ending up having to use my “fall back option”. I don’t want it to come to that. :\

  4. maroon5gurl88 says :

    Thanks so much for another award Tanya, these things prove that my blogging isn’t senseless rambling. You mentioned on the sidebar you aren’t eligible for my book giveaway, I did expand eligibility to the US and Canada if that makes a difference.

    • Tanya M says :

      You’re blog ISN’T just a series of ramblings. You work really hard at it, and it shows. It’s amazing. 🙂

      And no, haha, I’m on a completely different continent. Thanks, though. 🙂 And don’t worry about it, I know it’s unreasonable to expect you to ship it all over the world.

  5. onwindydays says :

    Oh man, thanks a ton!! I’ll definitely add you on there as soon as I get these finals over with!! Congrats on the award by the way 🙂 The Godfather is a must watch! That and The Departed for sure, among many others haha. Thanks once again :))

  6. astarteia says :

    GO WATCH THE GODFATHER! ALL OF THEM! Okay, maybe all three in a row is a bit of an overdose. And to be fair I only watched them a couple of years ago. BUT IT’S A CLASSIC, GO WATCH THEM! You’ll desperately look for situations to make references to it. LEAVE THE GUN, TAKE THE CANNOLI! (I never seem to get it right, maybe I should rewatch them…)
    Yelled enough? 😉

    Now, thank you so much! You are too sweet! I read random posts from your blog as well, they make my days happier 😀
    And worry not, stalk away, I love your comments 😉
    I’ll respond to this properly some time soon…

    • Tanya M says :

      “Leave the gun, take the Cannoli?” HAHA! I’ve just got to watch it now. 😀

      Really? So there’s mutual semi-stalking happening? Yay! I don’t feel so bad now. If you suddenly log back on and see forty eight notifications, you’ll know why, now. I’m warning you, don’t say I didn’t. 😉

      And yes. Take your time. How’d the paper turn out? 🙂

  7. astarteia says :

    Uuuh, also, the escalator thing? You can always use the “I’m with a very insistent child, what can I do?” excuse. I planned it with a little cousin of mine and we had lots of fun 🙂

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