Day 4? Haha, Not Really. You Should Still Listen To Them, Though.

Right, so. I’ve been asked to stop being a lazy sloth and finish my 30 Day Music Challenge. Because, apparently, I can’t commit to anything, and I’ve been a procrastinator all my life and blah blah black sheep. But work is leaving me exhausted, so what I’m going to do is complete it – but maybe put up a post every other day.

Day 4. What’s Day 4? “A band you’d recommend to someone who has never heard anything that falls under your favourite genre”. I can do that.

I’ve mentioned that I worship Pink Floyd – and by extension, a whole host of bands that sound like them/were inspired by them. I was originally going to include The Pineapple Thief as well, but I think I’ll save them for a later post. may I introduce you to the band of the day?


If you’re a Steven Wilson fan, you’ve probably heard of Blackfield. Long story short, what happend was:

  • Steven Wilson was born. (Future reference : I love this man).
  • He listened to a lot of awesome music, and generally did a lot of awesome things.
  • He started making awesome music, formed a band, and they made awesome albums together.
  • This guy in Israel, Aviv Geffen, listened to their so-very-awesome music.
  • Thing is, this Geffen guy was a vocalist. So he performed backing vocals on a few Porcupine Tree songs, talked to Wilson about working together, and voila! Blackfield was born.

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I’m not a huge fan of Aviv Geffen, to be honest. I found Blackfield when I was slowly acquainting myself with all of Steven Wilson’s side-projects (and believe me, he has quite a few) and I loved the first two albums. Initially. They were all I could listen to. But then, the melodies started getting a little old, and I found that I was craving my ten-minute long pieces of signature Porcupine Tree-ness. The funny thing is, a friend listened to them for half an hour and told me everything I’m about to tell you now. I didn’t believe him then, it took a few months.

I’ve found that Blackfield works as an excellent gateway band for progressive rock. I know a lot of people who find Porcupine Tree a little too experimental, but have fallen in love with Blackfield. And I can see why. They’re incredibly soothing. Hypnotic, even. It’s the kind of music you want to listen to early in the morning, when the sun is behind a cloud, and you’re still in bed. Snuggled up against a pillow with a book. Most of their songs plant themselves in your head, and you end up humming them everywhere. After a while, though, you start wanting something…more. And there are plenty of bands you can turn to. But to start with, Blackfield is amazing.

They’ve released three albums so far – Blackfield and Blackfield II (easy to remember, yes?) and Welcome To My DNA. Welcome To My DNA is more Geffen-centric, which is probably why I don’t like it as much. But the first two albums? Yes, yes, yes.

I’m going to leave you with a few of my favourites.

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10 responses to “Day 4? Haha, Not Really. You Should Still Listen To Them, Though.”

  1. The Other Watson says :

    Great choice for this one! I agree, these guys are a good gateway band, especially to the rest of Wilson’s stuff (because this is easily the most mainstream stuff he has ever produced). I think the first two albums are great, but yeah, like you I am less sold on Welcome To My D.N.A., which felt a bit…whiny, to me at least. And it definitely is because of Geffen, who wrote most of the songs on that album. Apparently it’s pretty much just Geffen now, as they prepare for their fourth album – Wilson will master it, and contribute vocals to one or two tracks, but essentially he’s left the band to concentrate on other projects, such as solo work and of course Storm Corrosion (I have to get their album, it just came out last week…have been so excited about it!).

    • Tanya M says :

      Yup, but then again, mainstream for Steven Wilson is still pretty..great. 😛
      I heard about him “leaving”, and I’m glad actually. I listened to Welcome To My D.N.A only because of him, and when I realised it was mostly Geffen, I gave up on it. I still like the first two, and listen to it from time to time, but I can’t listen to that one. It gets on my nerves. I heard that they were getting
      Cavanagh from Anathema to do guest vocals? I don’t know. Him and Aviv Geffen? Haha!

      And I completely forgot about Storm Corrosion coming out in May! I’m going to have to raid the stores and badger them until they get it!

      • The Other Watson says :

        Really? Cavanagh and Geffen? O…kaaaaay. Yeah, I think I’ll just stick to the first two Blackfield albums, and the live in NYC one too which is awesome.
        Yeah, that’s my concern – that the stores might not get in Storm Corrosion. I might have to just order it online. I have heard one song off it and it sounds really interesting, and I have been hearing pretty good reviews about it so far, too.

  2. The Other Watson says :

    Okay, update: I have the Storm Corrosion album. It is 100 million billion different kinds of awesome. Just wow. I had to stop what I was doing and just listen to it while lying down, let the music completely roll over me and soak into me. Just amazing. I think I just found my favourite album for the year. And it’s only May….

    • Tanya M says :

      What?! Already?! Damn it, I need to get it! That’s it, I’m ordering it. I don’t have the patience to deal with not nows, and we’ll call you when we get its.

      • The Other Watson says :

        Hehehe. The album was released last Friday in Australia, but I think it isn’t released in most of the world yet (for some odd reason, music is often released in Australia before the rest of the world (even though movies take months to appear here)).
        Anyway, listening to it for the fourth time now, and it gets better with each listen. It’s just so complex and layered, and so beautifully produced. I really am quite blown away…

        • Tanya M says :

          Argh, you’re right. It isn’t available here, I checked everywhere! The only option is to order it online, but apparently they’ll have to ship it here because no place in the entire bloody country has it. *grumble grumble*

          And you! Stop making me so jealous. 😦

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