30 Day Music Challenge

I’ve been thinking about how I promised to deliver fifty bands/artists along with the books and the movies, but I’ve been too busy revisiting my favourite music to discover a lot of new ones. And then I remembered The 30 Day Book Challenge over at Wanton Creation, and I thought I’d do something similar, except by adapting it to music. So, I’ve changed a few things, and rearranged them, and ta-DAA!  Here’s my list.

Day 1 : First band/music artist you remember listening to.

[It’s a pain to have to keep typing ‘band/music artist’, so I’m just going to say ‘band’, okay?)

Day 2: A childhood favourite that you still listen to.

Day 3: Favourite genre of music.

Day 4: A band you’d recommend to someone who has never heard anything that falls under your favourite genre.

Day 5: A band you’d recommend to someone with similar tastes in music.

Day 6: An artist you like from a genre you hate.

Day 7: Favourite band from every decade since the fifties.

Day 8: A song/album/band that makes you happy.

Day 9: A song/album/band that makes you sad. Cry, even.

Day 10: Most underrated band.

Day 11: Most overrated band.

Day 12: A band you thought you wouldn’t like, but ended up loving.

Day 13: A band that someone you trusted said you’d love, but you hated.

Day 14: Favourite movie soundtrack/musical.

Day 15: Create a compilation album to serve as the soundtrack for the most recent movie that you watched.

Day 16: Song with the catchiest tune.

Day 17: Favourite song title/band name.

Day 18: Favourite lyrics to a song.

Day 19: Favourite album artwork.

Day 20: Song you can relate to the most.

Day 21: A band you wished more people listened to.

Day 22: Favourite non-vocal band/band that sings in a language you don’t understand.

Day 23:  A song you wish was written specifically for you.

Day 24: A band you secretely like, but have never admitted to liking.

Day 25: The band you use as a measure to gauge another person’s music taste.

Day 26: Favourite Classical musician.

Day 27: Favourite musical instrument, and the person playing it.

Day 28: A list of things that make a band/song your favourite. (What you look for in new music)

Day 29: Best band you discovered in the past year, and how you discovered them.

Day 30: Bands that you discovered from other bloggers nice enough to take this challenge/recommendations left for you in the comment section, and which one you liked best.

Well, that’s it! A few things before I sign out.

You have got to check out Wanton Creation. Apart from being  responsible for adding several books on my to-read list, this guy is extremely creative with his blog posts – I always look forward to the next one. Plus, he’s got a fantastic taste in music, and I really hope he’ll join in on this challenge!

I’m already looking forward to day 7, 15, 23 and 30. I’m positively dreading 6 and 24. 😛

Let me know if you decide to take this challenge as well, I’d love to check out your favourite bands! One can never have too much new music, I find. 🙂

3 responses to “30 Day Music Challenge”

  1. theotherwatson says :

    Some awesome questions in here! I look forward both to reading your answers and to coming up with my own answers! 😀

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