Nick Hornby. Thank You. I Can Read Again!

This Dance With Dragons thing isn’t working out.


I got my hands on About A Boy the other day, quite by accident actually. I don’t know how this always happens, but every time I walk into a store with a list of books I really want to read, I walk out carrying books from previous lists and not a single one from the current list. I don’t know why I bother, really.

I have these phases where, sometimes, I just don’t feel like reading. Sometimes it’s because I’ve read too much of a particular genre and although I’d like to keep going, I just can’t bring myself to. Sometimes it’s because I’ve just finished (or not finished) a book that bored me to death, and I had to struggle to get through it. I just stop, take a break, watch movies for the next week or so, and then pick up another book.

Sometimes, however, it lasts for longer than a week. Talk about reader’s block.

Every book I tried to read after A Dance With Dragons didn’t engage me the way I knew it would have normally. I started and stopped about four books, knowing I wasn’t giving them their due.

Nick Hornby to the rescue!

I really, really like this guy because in addition to being hilarious, he’s also very insightful. And he’s got this way of saying exactly what you’ve thought of always saying in a particular situation, but never knew how to, and it leaves you gaping. Literally gaping. I have so many, “How on earth did he find the words to say that?!” moments when I read his work, and I have to just put down the book, think about how he just did that, shake my head in amazement, and then start reading again.

I have a friend who claims not to like him because he isn’t life-changing. She believes that every book should ideally do something for you. That you should be slightly different than you were before you started the book. I think  if every book I read was life-changing, it wouldn’t be that rare, special thing I treasure when I find one.

Nick Hornby is smart. He’s smart, and you’re always assured a bunch of laughs if you pick one of his books up. Very few books make you think and laugh at the same time, and he manages to achieve a healthy balance of the two.


6 responses to “Nick Hornby. Thank You. I Can Read Again!”

  1. maroon5gurl88 says :

    I’ve been through those blah phases with books a time or two. I’m going through one right now (nothing bad, just with reading for school makes reading for fun hard). I haven’t read About a Boy, but I loved High Fidelity (book and the movie although the book has a noticeable Brit sensibility in comparison to the American film).

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