Roddy Doyle, I Heart You.

Oh, yuck. I started heart-ing.

To be fair, he deserves it. A big red one. Or let’s make it green. Yes. A pretty green heart. Beating in time to The Bare Necessities.

Sorry, George R.R. Martin. I really can’t stomach A Dance With Dragons  right now. It’s just, well, a little boring. After all the happy-Snoopy-dancing I did about getting Jon and Tyrion, it’s a shame that I can’t seem to gobble up this one  like I did the previous ones.

Maybe I just need something different.

Enter Roddy Doyle!

If you don’t know this guy/know him but haven’t read his stuff, I think it’s crying shame. Like I thought I was a crying shame that I found this man only recently. Because of my English teacher. (Thank you, a thousand times over)

I’m reading Paddy Clarke HA HA HA right now. But, I finished The Barrytown Trilogy sometime last year. And loved it. It had The Commitments (which is also a really, really good movie), The Snapper, and The Van – available as separate books, as well –  and I couldn’t sit still the entire time I was reading it. No book has a right to be that funny. Even after I finished reading it, I’d launch into fits of laughter every time I remembered something from the book. Mind you, these outbursts lasted for quite a few days, some making themselves heard at inopportune moments.

Ah, well. Brilliant book. Justified Green Heart.

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